Saturday, 15 October 2011

Holidays to Cannes and Nices - August 2011

We have planned to go to New York for 2 weeks holidays. Unfortunately, the cost of 5 members in a family cost up to £5,000.00 just for the hotel rooms and air tickets. Last minutes,  my children decided to a change of plan due to the high cost for travelling. They decided to go to Nice and Cannes in South of France. I have to agree with them due to my eldest daughter is going into University this year, she decided not to join us anymore for holidays due to she want freedom to do travelling with her friends.

I have let my children arrange the flights and accomodation for us. I have a budget of about £2,000.00 for this trip. It is hard to plan for a holidays at this price and for 7 days. In the end, I ended up to searched for the cheapest flights and accomdation in Nice and Cannes.

The cheapest flights to Nice in August which I am able to find is BMI Baby - 1 way flight trip cost me at £37.00 and plus the extra like check-in cost me £20.00 due to I am holding a Singapore passport, for a British passport holder - it cost £10.00 for the check-in. The only disadvantage is I need to pay for the extra 1 baggage - which cost the same price as a seat on the plane at £37.00. To save the additional cost of transport problems, we decided to hire a car for the week, which comes out £200.00 with insurance for scatches and accidents.

Manage to find the hotels - which the cheapest one and two stars rating - Etap which provided services such as internet without extra charges. Etap  hotels are spread all over Europe, surprising there are so many in Nice and Cannes - I have just book 1 room for 5 people, unfortunately when we reach there, the room is just able to fit for 3 persons likely, don't have to book in advance and manage to get extra room in every hotel in different locations. The charges for per room is only Euro$56.00 to Euro $65.00. Amazing they do accept debit card to payment, which solved our problems of lack cash to spend.


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